Children First

They say water is life. And that is a fact.

Water is a basic necessity and a source of life. Cameroonians just like any other living creature on earth need to live.

It is no longer news to any of us that the oil, timber, gold, diamond, bauxite, iron ore, water resources, agricultural and touristic potential make Cameroon one of the world’s wealthiest nations in terms of natural resources.

This country is blessed with waterfalls, streams, rivers and the Atlantic ocean. Every Cameroonian in an ideal Cameroon is supposed to benefit from FREE clean and potable water, paying little or no bills.

And Yes – Water is there. But one very pertinent question we should always ask – is it drinkable water? That is the big question. We got a very long way to go regarding this. In a world where 1,800 people use contaminated water, clean water projects in rural communities are what we are enthusiastic about.

For water is not only a good. it is fundamentally a human right, recognized as such by the United Nations in 2010 and that is the more reason we think we need to take certain measures to ensure its availability in addition to our diverse activities.

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