Children First

Today October 8, 2021 has just been like other days since October 1. The anglophone crisis is worsening as days go by in different dimensions. For the past days, there has been burning of houses around a neighborhoods called Kikaikom, a village around Kumbo Center subdivision. Early today some quarters around Kumbo central town and Romajaay (where we are) were invaded concomitantly by Cameroon State forces. Knowing the effects of military invasion, the inhabitants of these quarters and Romajai in particular fled their homes for fear of the unknown. It is thanks to the Piarist Community that is located around 1.5 kilometers from the scene that welcomed the hundreds of women band children who were moving Halter shelter. There, they were given shelter, lodged and fed. There, those who escaped the fierce shooting spent close to 10 hours before changing direction while others were left with no choice than to spent the night. The over a 80 persons, most of whom are children and mothers who took refuge at the Piarist Community, express joy for having been received and well catered  for by these Religious brothers. The situation still remains difficult as nothing seems clear as to their safety going back home.

By Tume Emmanuel Ghalanyuy