Children First


A Piarist response to the educational hold-up in Kumbo.

Obvious hitches are there but we saw the need for a prophetic presence that will make Calasanz alive even in irregular and challenging conditions. The cry of many parents and children who cannot make their way out of the crisis-affected areas mainly because of financial constraints could clearly be seen. This year together with its activities has been named “Catch-up” because it seeks to give an answer to the educational backdrop witnessed especially by children of school ages for over three years now.

The traditional holiday activities in Piarist presences all over the Piarist Province of Central Africa won’t be an exception in Kumbo this year. Contrary to what many thought – due to the crisis ravaging the zone for close to three years now – that it would be practically difficult to organize such activities, we saw the necessity of a Piarist response to the cry of the poor population. The special activities finally took off on July 9, 2019.

For we strongly believe that education is the only way to way to get out of the long destructive cycle of poverty and underdevelopment in which Africa has been and still is. This cycle has to be bridged and we believe education craves the way for the sustainable growth of communities.

Consequently, the activities have another ball game; they won’t end in July as has been the case in the past years but will continue as long as the necessity and possibilities are there. We acknowledge with much gratitude the support and collaboration of Manos Unidas in the realization of the set objectives.

Thanks to this collaboration, we are able to welcome children from neighbouring villages for the “catch-up” program. At the moment, we count over 200 children taking part in this “Catch-up” that commences daily from 8:30 am to 2 pm. As we all know, Kumbo is one of the toughest areas as concerns the crises.

That notwithstanding and with the graces from the Lord, we are struggling to make the dream of Calasanz come true; that if children from their earliest are diligently instructed in Piety and Literacy, it would be undoubtedly expected that their future will be a happy one.

                                                                                                Paulinus Abose Sch.              

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