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The main objective is To contribute towards an inclusive and equitable quality education that promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, through the construction, rehabilitation, and equipping of dilapidated educational structures and the provision of scholarships to underprivileged children. 

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The Order of Poor Clerics Regular of the Mother of God of the Pious Schools or, in short, Piarists (/ˈpaɪərɪsts/), is the oldest Catholic educational order, also known Poor Clerics of the Mother of God (in both cases clerics can also become clerks, from the same etymology).

Founded in 1617 by Saint Joseph Calasanctius, Our holy founder St. Joseph Calasanz went to Rome and dedicated himself to the education of children especially the poor. Our main occupation of the Piarist fathers is teaching children and youth, the primary goal being to provide free education for poor children.

The Piarists have had a considerable success in the education of physically or mentally disabled persons.

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Water is one of the most valuable and influential natural resources because of its industrial and domestic importance. Access to safe water is essential to sustain life and indispensable for a healthy and dignified life.

Unfortunately, according to UNICEF, only 44% of people in rural areas of Cameroon have access to safe drinking water.

Many communities rely on doubtful water sources which at times are shared with animals. Moreover, women and children trek long distances to get drinking water; wasting valuable time which could be used for economic and academic pursuit