Children First

(FUTRU –NKWEN, 22ND – 26 JUNE 2021)
This year’s Health campaign organized by the Piarist Fathers in favor of less privileged persons took place in the community of Futru – Nkwen. It is worth noting that Nkwen is located in Bamenda (North West Region of Cameroon), one of the crisis-affected areas in the ongoing Anglophone crisis. It is a small community that has suddenly with a high influx of more than 3000 Internally displaced communities. This has given rise to population density, acute shortage of water, poor hygienic conditions which have given rise to many health problems. The campaign began on the 22nd of June in a high key as we had 200+ patients including the old parents who had the opportunity to do scanning and detoxification. As an opportunity, we had many doctors to consult that huge number on a day. As a difficulty, some of our doctors faced language problems. Thanks, we could involve the brothers who aided in translation. Following the news of the first day, the number today was increased and the first person was there at 6:30 am. We registered 262 patients including the class six pupils of CS futru who after a series of talks benefitted equally from the consultation. The second day was hitch-free as the worries of the first day were being handled making the day smooth and light.

It has made news and leaving smiles on the faces of all the beneficiaries especially those from 60 and above that have an opportunity to do a body scan. It should be noted that this is the fourth edition of the Medical Campaign under the auspices of the Piarist Fathers. Thanks to a number of volunteers comprised principally of health personnel, the little group is known as “Piarist Health Care” has successively been able to reach out to more than 7000 persons. Most of the children and women have been attended to by medical doctors and have received free drugs. We are pleased that this activity is gaining much attention. However, we are limited in material and basic drugs, especially for desperate and internally displaced persons. It is our hope to be of more help as the days go by.

By Emmanuel Tume,
Piarist Volunteer and member of the 2021 edition of the Health Campaign.

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