Children First

Provision of Food


The aim of this particular program is to feed, heal, rehabilitate and protect children (and families) from the devastating effects of trauma and chronic stress caused by conflict and war in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon

In November 2017, the sociopolitical crisis progressively translated into insecurity and armed violence. Since then, the escalation of tension and upsurge in hostilities between non-state armed groups and defence and security forces have triggered humanitarian needs across the two regions, linked to significant internal displacement.

Before the crisis, most of the population in the two affected regions relied on agriculture and small trades. Threats of attacks continue to have a negative impact on trade, livelihoods and markets, and access to land.

For example, in Kumbo (North-West), where at least 20% of the population fled to
surrounding villages, food is identified as the main priority.

Farmers, small-scale fishermen and their families find themselves in an extremely vulnerable position due to the disruption of their activities. IDPs have had to resort to negative food-related coping strategies, reducing the number of meals (to one meal a day) and adult consumption in order to feed the children. Additionally, restrictions on movement (curfews, security and administrative measures), poor infrastructure, and checkpoints continue to hinder access to land and markets


Provide life-saving emergency assistance to displaced populations in the North-West and contributing to reducing morbidity and mortality related to internal displacement. Beneficiaries will get at least one nutritional meal a day.

We plan to buy and supply food to the Internally Displaced Persons in the English Speaking Regions of Cameroon with special reference to Kumbo

  • Shelter,
  • Food, blankets, sleeping bag, clothes, book/s,
  • flowers💐 or even a warm greeting/acknowledgement/conversation.

The Need for Financial Intervention

Financial contributions to reputable aid agencies are one of the most valuable and effective forms of response in humanitarian emergencies. This page indicates several ways to contribute towards the response to the emergency in the North-West and South-West Regions.

Public and private sector donors are invited to contribute cash directly through the Flash Appeal.

To do so, please click here to donate whatever will go ahead as outreach to the affected population