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Choose a Specific Fund or Cause

Children living in poverty face unique challenges that our programs are designed to overcome. We have summarized it into the Provision of Education, Food and Water.

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Where to Give

Give for a particular need, country or region in Africa

As enshrined in our mission, we are out to serve the less privileged children in Africa beginning from Cameroon. Although our central coordination office is in Cameroon, we serve in Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and beyond. As such, you can as well give and ask us to direct your funds...

Create a Local Fund

Hunger is a global problem and Children First AFrica operates in areas where we can make the biggest impact. Creating a local fund involves working with members of your community who of course wish to support a particular local community in Cameroon as well. That is what we mean by local fund.

About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

Your committed support provides protection and sustained support for the most vulnerable, and underprivileged in Bamenda. To our donors, we frequently offer campaigns with matching money and bonus prizes to help motivate donors.

Around 85 percent of funding goes directly to humanitarian aid and the above mentioned programs, and just 15 percent goes to administrative expenses, including public awareness campaigns and fundraising.

We also publish, updates and reports, both globally and in our monthly newsletter, on funding collected and how donations have helped to improve the lives of targeted beneficiaries.

What is ChildFirst-Africa?

It is a humanitarian initiative of the Piarist Fathers of Central African Province to improve the lives of children through education, provision of food and water

Who do you work for?

Our primary target is children and youth especially the poorest according to the intuition of our holy founder St. Joseph Calasanz. By extension we also work for the families and communities where these children come from.

How did you get started and when?

The birth of the initiative is very recent, 2015. However, the dream of St. Joseph Calasanz to offer a better future for children and youth started yielding fruits in Cameroon since

the arrival of the first Piarist missionaries in 1987. CF-Africa is a concretization of that dream.

What’s your goal?

Our goal is to reach to the level of the poorest of the poor in the Central part of Africa. Our goal is to educate these children in the best conditions possible so that they in turn can

contribute to develop their society.

Are you a religious and or political organization?

We are a religious organization without any political affiliations. However, our services are not limited to a particular religion. We serve all those who are in need irrespective of their beliefs.

Who works at your organization?

Anyone who is capable and who shares our dream and passion is welcomed to work with us.

How can I work at your organization?

You can simply contact any of our board members and you will be directed on what to do.