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Our members are involved in a wide range of activities that touch the lives Africans throughout the continent. Most member organizations work at the grassroots level, empowering people to build a better future for their children, families, and communities.

Whether a member provides critical medical care and supplies, preserves family livelihoods through sustainable farming innovations, or promotes the education of a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders, each offers desperately needed hope and help.

To search for a charity by region or area of interest, please visit Where We Work.Our member organizations meet specific tests of programmatic impact, fiscal accountability, and governance standards. We are pleased to provide this collection of trustworthy, effective charities working on the ground in Africa. View our full list of members by name only, or, to find a specific member, click on the first letter of its name below.

About the Piarists - Cameroon

The Piarist Fathers are a Religious Institute (Order of the Pious Schools), known in Spanish as, “Orden de las Escuelas Pías”, and in Italian “Ordine degli Scuole Pie” (Scolopi). The Order was founded by Saint Joseph Calasanz for the Education of Children and Youth especially the poor. The Piarist Fathers arrived Cameroon in 1987 from Spain (Province of Aragon) and have been very much involved in educational, pastoral and socio-cultural activities. The first Piarists missionaries who arrived Cameroon: Frs. Angel Valenzuela, Fernando Negro and Juan Yzuel with the dream of evangelising the children and youth especially the underprivileged through education.


St Joseph Calasanz

Our Founder

Pedro Calasanz

Fr. Pedro Aguado

Superior General - Rome


Fr. Evaristus Akem Sch.P

Provincial Superior

Message from the Founder

The Order of Poor Clerics Regular of the Mother of God of the Pious Schools or, in short, Piarists (/ˈpaɪərɪsts/), is the oldest Catholic educational order, also known Poor Clerics of the Mother of God (in both cases clerics can also become clerks, from the same etymology).

Founded in 1617 by Saint Joseph Calasanctius, Our holy founder St. Joseph Calasanz went to Rome and dedicated himself to the education of children especially the poor. Our main occupation of the Piarist fathers is teaching childre. Our main occupation of the Piarist fathers is teaching children

What People Say About Us

We highly Value feedback and what our clients say to us and about us. Feedback helps us better meet up with our objectives and values and we keep working to ensure we meet up to our promises.

This organization is a blessing for humankind. The founders of Children First. Africa are like they were born to win everyone’s heart, they were born to serve the community. Their works say it all.

Mr Ngwatung Calistus

My wife and I have worked with Children First Africa. We also had the privilege of sitting in on a board meeting and seeing how some of the decisions are made. We feel privileged working with them because they have indeed save the lives of so many children by touching their lives in tremendous way.

Mr/Mrs Ndifor Eric

I like how the organization and its amazing staff contribute to help children and their families take more than money into account. I’ve been a sponsor since its inception and I’m happy to say I’m glad I know they’ll also believe as I do about what’s truly valuable in one’s life and how growth isn’t just seen in one way. Well, done Children First Africa!

Dr William Ngamfon

Children First Africa has done such a commendable job that is unbeatable. Thank you to all the sponsors who support Child Africa and I urge you to do the same in case you have not sponsored any child

Yvette Sam

Children First Africa is the real existing organization that is doing a tremendous work to the African children. This organization is making a difference in Africa. Long live Children First Africa, long live the founders and supporters of Children First Africa. The little you donate, makes a big difference to these African children

Eugene Nforngwa

    ArchDiocese of Bamenda

    The Calasanzian Province

    Piarist Fathers – USA

    Abakwa E.H Drive