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What is Child First - Africa?

Children First Africa (CF-Africa) is a charitable and non-profit program of the development office of the Piarist (Calasanzian) Fathers in the Province of Central Africa, with headquarter in Yaounde-Cameroon. It is an organization working tirelessly to provide quality education, food and clean water to the vulnerable communities of Africa especially less privileged children and youth. Illiteracy,
hunger and unsafe drinking water are some of the major difficulties Africa is facing. CF-Africa is out to fight against these.

Who do you work for?

We work for the poor in rural areas in Africa, paying keen attention to children and youths. Even though we are an independent organization, we fall under the Development Office of the Piarist  Fathers of the Pious Schools, Cameroon, Cantral Africa. 

How did you get started (and when)?

After working for more than 30 years in Central African Sub region, the Piarist observed how vulnerable some communities were. Being preoccupied by the situation and the need to prepare a better future for these communities especially via the children and youths, the development office of the Piarists (Calasazians) started CF-Africa in 2014 in a bit to reinforce its mission.

What’s your goal?

Our goal as a non-profit organization is the provision of quality education, food and safe drinking water for poor children and youths in rural areas of Africa.

Are you a religious and/or political organization?

We are a religious and non-profit organization working for the betterment of children and youths around Africa bearing in mind that they are the hope of every generation. Following the spirit of our founder, we are apolitical and open to all races, religion and culture.

Who works at your organization?

Those who work in our organization include, the priests and religious of our religious Order, volunteers from all backgrounds without any exceptions, sponsors, benefactors, and donors..

How can I work at your organization?

Bearing in mind that we are a non-profit organization, sponsored by freewill donations, grants, gifts from organizations and persons of goodwill, you can also be part of us by donating something that can assist us in our quest for a better life for African underprivileged children and youths. You can simply do this by contacting our website for more details. You can as well volunteer to visit us and work with us the any of the various domains and areas where we offer our services, starting from Cameroon. More to that, you can talk about us to different foundations, NGOs, or individuals who are ready to contribute in anyway in bringing sustainable change in the lives of vulnerable communities, children, youths and give them a better life. You can become our partner in this humanitarian and life giving venture.

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